The School for Esoteric Studies wants to thank all of the artists whose talents have provided the School with beautiful imagery for our website, our Facebook page, and our various publications and would like to acknowledge in particular the following:

Nicholas Roerich Museum

Many of the images on this site are the work of the Russian-born artist, Nicholas Roerich, and are used by the permission and courtesy of the Nicholas Roerich Museum.

Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) was a brilliant artist who became a cultural figure of global significance, a passionate promoter through his art and writings of an increased appreciation of the value to the world of the cultural heritage of all nations, and of the ways in which this appreciation can help to achieve peace in the world.

The Art of Pamela di Meglio

Some of the images on this website and our Instagram page were created by Pamela di Meglio, and are used with her permission. Pamela di Meglio is an Argentinian graphic designer and a long time student of the Ageless Wisdom who works primarily through digital art.

The Art of Cynthia Rose Young

Some of the images on this website and on School publications were created by Cynthia Rose Young, and are used with her permission.

Cynthia paints light through beautiful depictions of shimmering landscapes, flowing seascapes, mystical dreams, and vivid geometric forms. Her paintings are the reflections of contemplations of mandalas or a central light.

Can Stock Photo

Some of the images on this website and on our Facebook page are used under license, with gratitude, from Can Stock Photo Inc. The pink lotus image appearing on the website splash page, our Facebook page, and our eNews is © Can Stock Photo Inc. / billperry.

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