Alice Bailey Talks: 1946

January 18 The subject of this Talk is the Science of Impression and how the Masters work to transmit ideas to their students. Alice Bailey discusses the difficulties involved, and suggests that her group prepare by spending some time after their regular meditation to listen for anything that might come through, the goal being to bring through and anchor �great and new things� for the New Age. Then she shares with the group some unpublished writings that will eventually be published under the title: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle. The group then discusses the relation of this work to the work of the New Group of World Servers and the Triangles work.
January 11 Drawing from passages in DINA, Vol. 1, AAB initiates a discussion about the nature of a spiritual enterprise, which implies three requirements: group unity, group meditation and group activity. The group reflects on a hint given by the Tibetan about group activity: It means to “aid each other in specific problems of character but not of circumstance.” The remainder of the meeting focuses on the stages in the externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy. AAB points out that the materializing of the Ashrams on Earth is not the work of the Hierarchy but the activity of groups of disciples who, in turn, reach the masses. In addition, the group considers the idea that some of the available inflowing forces of Shamballa are now being absorbed directly by humanity and by certain subhuman kingdoms.
January 04 In this talk, AAB challenges the group to discover the group’s “spiritual enterprise” and test their willingness to go forward into a more intensive spiritual life. It is her belief that the group is to produce some creative idea that will become their spiritual enterprise. In light of the words of the Tibetan given in the introductory pages of Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. 1, she also challenges them to gain a mastery of themselves and come together as a true working group within DK’s Ashram.

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