Alice Bailey Talks: Fall 1944

December 15 Continuing from the previous meeting, AAB reads intensively from Rule 10, covering 15 pages of “The Rays and the Initiations.” This new material (new at the time) seemed to fascinate everybody present, including AAB. The topic is challenging, as it deals with widening the rents in the veils of Maya. The Tibetan gives a full, detailed, and rather abstract teaching around this topic, and the group rises to the occasion. One of several rules given from the “Old Commentary” states that disciples should “use first the Voice; then use the OM, and later use the Sound. All three together will suffice.” The group members effectively decipher what those three terms mean and how they work together. The teaching gains in power as the Tibetan describes the final veil and its result in “esoteric blindness” for the initiate. Dealing as it does with the higher octave of the well-known “dark night of the Soul,” this material has great resonance and immense practicality for students at all levels.
December 1 AAB primes the mind of the group for a reading of Rule 10 by emphasizing that initiate consciousness must be achieved prior to initiation. She then gives out some essential information on the origin and purpose of the deva kingdom, gaining freedom from which is the topic of this Rule. The Tibetan’s commentary stimulates an intense discussion about the need to train students in the practical use of the energy centers; yet, prior to this, harmlessness needs to be completely achieved. Is this possible, and how can one tell whether harmlessness has indeed been achieved?
November 24 This meeting starts with a discussion of inner changes that have taken place in the group members and their sense of a great energy that was released at the previous meeting. Then AAB reads Rule Nine and the group discusses DK’s commentary on it, which includes statements about the protection of the initiate during the initiation ceremony. The group and AAB then postulate the effects on all the bodies if one were to find oneself in the physical presence of a Master. With a little time left over, AAB then reads the introduction to Rule Ten.
November 17 In this meeting, the readings and discussion move on to Rule Nine. The Tibetan’s prefatory comments stimulate AAB to start by stating her vision of what the group could be if it could move into a higher integration and synthesize the limiting individuality of all the members. Throughout, this high focus is sustained with talk of Shamballa Will and transitioning from consciousness to identification. There is some interesting speculation on the group as a prism and how synthesis would alter the colors of the individuals and of the group. Looking ahead, the power released in this meeting will be commented on in the next meeting.
November 10 This gathering, in which the reading and discussion of Rule Eight is completed, begins with an intense discussion of the problems of the Catholic Church, especially in regard to its Sixth Ray heritage via the ashram of Master Jesus. The Law of the Supplementary Seven is emphasized by the Tibetan in this reading, in connection with the human centers as well as with the planetary and systemic ones. This is heavy material for students to digest on first hearing; as a result there is more reading than discussion.
November 3 The conversation continues with Rule Eight, which, the Tibetan states, implies that the budding initiate needs to become aware of which centers in the body are responsive to which ray energies. As the teachings so far have urged students not to focus on the centers, this statement causes considerable confusion. AAB informs the group that such knowledge is to be gained experientially, not academically, and that it is necessary to do so because initiates must learn consciously to use the centers as distributing agencies of ray energies. She assures the students that this task lies far ahead for her as well.
October 27 AAB plunges directly into the final pages of Rule Seven, stimulating some discussion of Light and cosmic evil. She then segues into Rule Eight, the first of the Rules for the training of initiates. The remainder of the discussion ensues from the Tibetan’s interpretation and expansion of the various symbolic sevens mentioned in the Rule.
October 20 In this meeting, AAB begins reading about Rule Seven and covers most of the Tibetan’s commentary on it. She initiates the topic – the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World – by flatly stating that all students (including herself) don’t really understand such abstruse teachings, and this includes the teachings in “Cosmic Fire.” She thinks we should try to make such teachings practical. The high point of the evening is an enlightening discussion of the meaning of group consciousness and group work, and how to think about and work toward these important objectives.
October 6 After a summer break, the group reconvenes and decides to continue working through the Rules for Group Initiation. Rule Six is taken up and, in a rare burst of energy, the Rule and the Tibetan’s entire commentary on it are read and discussed. This very inspired teaching, which should be read in one sitting, elevates the group energies to the point that several of the comments carry a quality of revelation.

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