Alice Bailey Talks: Spring 1943

Final Spring talk AAB starts this talk with selected readings from the first two Rules for Group Initiation. Here Master DK defines the “burning ground” as one of the crises of initiation in which all self-will is destroyed. Levels of service within the subjective group and in the Master’s Ashram are discussed, based upon the disciple’s identification with either the Soul or with the Monad. The group also considers the role of the will in precipitating the crisis of initiation and the nature of the new powers that are evoked thereby.
May 28 This talk begins with a discussion of the four lines of spiritual teaching that were emphasized through the centuries until 1875. Modern disciples are assumed to have mastered them, and now “new knowledge must supercede the old,” according to DK. AAB and the group of students seek to determine what that new knowledge is.
May 21 This discussion centers on a statement by the Tibetan that the revelation given to the initiate is factual and leads to, among other things, new powers and new modes and fields of service. What are they, exactly? AAB and the attending students utilize the group mind and come up with seven new powers. The evening concludes with a lively discussion about the imminent new modes and fields of service.
May 14 This meeting served as a group response/discussion on the previous Friday’s reading by AAB of the Tibetan’s new article, “The New World Religion.”
May 7 AAB reads a new 17-page article by the Tibetan entitled “The New World Religion.” This constitutes the first in-depth presentation on this important Hierarchical initiative.
April 30 AAB talks extensively of her early life and how she came to work with the Masters. In the process, she illustrates what contact with the Masters means and how to distinguish between the status of accepted disciple and that of world disciple.
April 23 What are the requirements for initiation and how do we know when it has occurred? AAB and the group of students probe the psychological and spiritual issues surrounding this mysterious and little-known phenomenon, which is also a major factor in evolution.
April 9 The nature of the aura; knowing the Masters through their sphere of influence rather than only in theory; defining and experiencing higher consciousness; commitment to discipleship work; the effect disciples and Masters have upon their immediate environment.
April 2 The use of group energies for protection and for service to humanity during the Wesak and Goodwill Festivals; how the group can cooperate with the Hierarchy and meet world need at this crucial time; how focusing on technique limits our power to invoke and evoke.
March 26 The higher Will; the meaning of sacrifice; true creativity and the Antahkarana; correspondence of Shamballa-humanity to Monad-personality.
March 19 Methods of aligning with the Masters.
March 12 Discipleship, initiation, and relationship with the Masters.
March 5 Group fusion, the distinction between the Plan and the Purpose, requirements for membership in a Master’s ashram, becoming invocative of the intuition.

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