Description of Courses

The School for Esoteric Studies‘ training arc begins with the Ageless Wisdom Overview Course, which is designed for students who do not have a basic background in esoteric studies as presented by the Ageless Wisdom teachings and in particular as presented in the Alice Bailey “Blue Books.” You may register for this course whether or not you choose to continue on through the full training arc.

Students who already have a basic background in the Ageless Wisdom, or who have completed the Ageless Wisdom Overview Course, start with a Preliminary Course of three modules based on the book A Treatise on White Magic by Alice A. Bailey, which aims to:

  1. Teach the laws of spiritual psychology as distinguished from mental/emotional psychology.
  2. Make clear the nature of the Soul and its relationships, including its group relationship as a preliminary step.
  3. Demonstrate the relations between the Soul and the bodies the Soul may use, and thus clarify the human constitution.

After completing the Preliminary Course, the following is the usual sequence of study:

  • Integration and Fusion Course

12 lesson sets on Integration (of the personality) and Fusion (with the Soul), with a mid-point review, that cover the processes involved in achieving an integrated personality, including the recognition and elimination of the many psychological blocks that individuals encounter. Integration is considered in its individual, group, and planetary implications and the means needed to bring about fusion of the personality with the Soul.

  • Bridging Course

Lesson sets that help the student prepare for more advanced work.

A two-part course, totaling ten extensive lesson sets that cover the study and practice of special techniques of bridging in consciousness between the Soul-infused, group-conscious personality and the Spiritual Triad, with its chief characteristic of universality and wider usefulness in service. Students begin to identify with the higher spiritual nature beyond the Soul. Students are also assisted in identifying their ray structure and its implications for service.

Four advanced courses are currently available, in sequence, once the student has completed both parts of the School’s Antahkarana Course:

  • The Heart and Intuition Course

Six lesson sets that help students balance the Heart and Love-Wisdom aspects with the Will and mental aspects of their nature, drawing on Agni Yoga writings. Students begin to develop the intuition and link to, and work with, the buddhic plane.

  • The Will Course

The 18 lesson sets provide in-depth training in the evocation and uses of the Will and help students understand the Divine Will and how to contact and use Shamballa energy in service.

  • Synthesizing the Rays

An advanced course focused on how to work with other ray types within a Soul group and how to integrate the rays within oneself. This course assumes that the student has developed a clear sense of their own ray structure as part of the Antahkarana Course.

  • Supporting the Plan

An advanced course focused on working within a Soul group and facilitating specific initiatives in support of the Plan (foreshadowing expectations of advanced initiates).

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