Dialogue on Inclusive Social Action

Comments received on White Paper #1:

Thank you for posting this. I’ve been very conflicted about this topic but “new” Right Action was needed. The White Paper is excellent.

Thank you for this message and for all you are doing to manifest the Plan. Blessings on your fine work.

It is probable that this type of work is going on all over the planet where government is in trouble and I am so happy to see, via your White Paper, that SES is “back in the game.”

Thank you for sending me the link to your first White Paper on Inclusive Social Action, which reached me a short while back. I found its resonant call to stand strongly against today’s system of “sliding standards and values” and dark manipulations, very inspiring, especially as so many of the key points enunciated in the White Paper carried the authority of the Tibetan and Alice Bailey. In my opinion, the dissemination of this White Paper demonstrates a quality of committed leadership that is so badly needed, but is so sadly lacking, today.

Thank you for this information about Inclusive Social Action in this moment of violence in society, erratic governments and human masses being manipulated. We will be looking forward to these White Papers from the School for Esoteric Studies as they are issued at a time when the zodiacal energies are showing groups the way that we should tread in preparation for the 2025 Council of Shamballa. United we can work as vehicles of the Higher energies, for the dignity and constructiveness of humanity.

We are most happy to support your work and the distribution of your White Paper on “Inclusive Social Action.” As we know, those of us who recognize and seek to apply the Wisdom of the “trans-Himalayan Lodge” are linked, whether we are conscious of it or not, and when possible, it is always beneficial to cooperatively support each other’s efforts, and we are happy for the opportunity to support your outreach initiative.

Please share with us your thoughts and any further suggestions regarding this initiative, writing to: info@esotericstudies.net

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