Expectations of Students

The esoteric discipleship training provided by the School for Esoteric Studies follows a well-researched sequence and the pacing is largely self-determined. Each student receives a personal commentary on any written work that is submitted and responses to any questions posed. To receive the most benefit from this training, we recommend the following:

  1. A daily commitment of 10-15 minutes of meditation using the sequence and seed thoughts provided.
  2. A daily commitment of 15-30 minutes of study of the material provided.
  3. A daily commitment of application of the material studied and meditation insights in assigned experiments and self-selected service.
  4. Reflection on the commentaries provided and focus on clearing any personal issues that may impede the student’s work.
  5. Financial donations to support the work of the School and the training provided, based on what it means to you, so that the work can continue.

Students are encouraged to take as much time as they need in order to complete a particular lesson set. It is much better to take longer than the suggested time and integrate the material in a useful and comprehensive manner than to rush through the work with only a superficial understanding of its import.

The School for Esoteric Studies is interested in prospective students for its esoteric discipleship training who:

  1. Are service oriented, or are becoming so.
  2. Are ready to commit to long-term spiritual growth.
  3. Can see themselves working in a subjective group (as opposed to, or in addition to, a physical plane group).
  4. Can commit to a daily rhythm of spiritual practice and monthly reporting.

If you are already involved in study with another esoteric group or organization, we suggest that you choose which approach most suits your needs; it is not wise to disperse your energies.

Prospective students who are not yet acquainted with the Ageless Wisdom teachings and do not yet have a daily meditation practice are urged to enroll in the Ageless Wisdom Overview Course first in order to give yourself time to learn the basic techniques and vocabulary.

Prospective students who already have a reading background in esoteric teachings, as well as a spiritual practice based on meditation and service, may enter the training sequence at more advanced levels. In order to evaluate which course would be the best place for a prospective student to start, the School has developed an Entrance Questionnaire to assess the extent and type of study, meditation, and service the person has already done. That way the work assigned can be adapted, as far as possible to an individual’s needs. That Entrance Questionnaire will be sent to you after you apply for admission. It is helpful if you provide reasonably full replies. These replies are, of course, strictly confidential.

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