Full Moon Meditation

Why Meditate During the Full Moon?

Extraordinary spiritual energies are available during the five day period around the full moon. When the moon is full, it is out of the way of the sun. This is the time to get a clearer sense of the Plan for the evolution of humanity, and to recognize the part of this great Plan for human evolution where each of us can make a difference. You are invited to meditate with this worldwide full moon meditation for humanity during each month. These meditations are not connected with any religion or dogma.

We link as a group with the extraplanetary energies that are available at these times. Each full moon has the potential to produce needed changes in consciousness that will make humans truly divine at the close of the world cycle. It offers specific energies that are helpful to the soul, to all human Souls. The cycle each year of journeys through the full moons reveals the life of the Soul. In each journey you can recall and reenact qualities already learned, thus strengthening and empowering those qualities.

These meditations vitalize the key qualities that each of the 12 constellations embodies. These energies are greatly magnified by focused group energy. Our group meditations also provide an opportunity to “seed” these new concepts within the minds of humanity. Your focus on the qualities that are pouring into the planet during each month will increase their impact on you and on humanity. They reveal the path through the crises of the Soul during this earth life.

Suggestions for Full Moon Meditations

Read the Full Moon talk for the current zodiacal sign, then sit quietly with your mind attuned to receive spiritual energies. Do all that you can to meditate at exactly the time of the full moon. Afterwards, continue in stillness for 20 or 30 minutes.

Make notes of the thoughts or ideas that come to you. These can appear as knowledge, wisdom, understanding, or inspiration. Even if you think nothing happened, you may find that in a few days new ideas will appear to you. Assume that some kind of impression has been received in your higher mind and it is circling overhead waiting for a place to land. Develop the ability to listen within as you go about your daily schedule. This transference process requires stillness and patience, along with an optimistic attitude. Once your conscious brain can align with the higher mind and Soul the stream of light can reach you as words and picture symbols, or just a sense of inspiration and connection.

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