Full Moon Talks


Aries Emerging Opportunity in Aries, Donna M. L. Brown
Taurus The Eye of Taurus, John Cobb
Eternal Divinity, Luisa Romero de Johnston
Gemini Practical Goodwill and Group Service, Gail Gregg Jolley
Cancer From Mass Consciousness to Group Consciousness, Joy Gates
Leo Leo and the Soul’s Integration
Virgo “I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I, Matter am,” Luisa Romero de Johnston
Libra The Seeds of Choice, Velda Rusch
Scorpio House of the Disciple, Luisa Romero de Johnston
Sagittarius You Are the Target, Luisa Romero de Johnston
Capricorn Sign of the Initiate, Jan van der Linden
Aquarius Water of Life Poured Forth, Jan van der Linden
Pisces Heart to Heart, Gail Jolley

Twelve Festivals: Spiritual Opportunity at the Full Moon, by Jan van der Linden
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