How Training Is Financed

The School for Esoteric Studies is supported entirely by the voluntary contributions of its students and friends. There is no established fee for the esoteric discipleship training sequence. Students must decide for themselves, guided by their sense of spiritual responsibility, what they feel able to give.

The School has a long-standing policy of not turning away a student due to personal financial limitations, but it is important to realize that, if you are not able to contribute the “fair-share” amount, it will be up to others to contribute on your behalf if the work of the School is to continue. Everyone should make some contribution, regardless of their financial situation. Spiritual work, like all of life, is about giving and receiving and keeping the flow of energy going. If you only receive and do not give, then you dam up the energy and stop the flow.

Other reasons for donating include:

  1. Gratitude for what the School means to you personally and wanting to give something in return so that others may benefit as well.
  2. A sense of responsibility to be a good steward by supporting an entity you believe in.
  3. A realization that we are all one and that each of us simply moves energy from one part of the Whole to another – much like blood in the body that flows from an area that has a surplus to another area that has a need, thus keeping the entity healthy.

Due to the urgent need and the great opportunity of the present time, the School also seeks donations from the spiritual community at large. Therefore, all who are inspired by this approach are encouraged to make a donation to the work.

Incorporated in the State of North Carolina, the School functions on an entirely non-profit basis and is tax-exempt. Donations and bequests are deductible under the tax laws of the United States and many other countries.

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