Our School and the New Group of World Servers

The School for Esoteric Studies and its members are part of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), which consists of esoteric groups and individual men and women who are subjectively linked in dedicated work for the betterment of humanity. They are in the advance guard of the populace as a whole, guiding the thinking and the values of humanity. They can be found in all countries, in all fields, in all races, and at all ages. They are spiritually evolved beyond the average, but they are not necessarily aware of this or of other esoteric realities, such as the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Individual NGWS members may or may not be affiliated with a spiritual group or religion.

They are being gathered out of every nation…by the power of their response to the spiritual opportunity, tide and note. They are emerging out of every group and church and party, and will therefore be truly representative….They are of all races; they speak all languages; they embrace all religions, all sciences and all philosophies. Their characteristics are synthesis, inclusiveness, intellectuality and fine mental development. They own to no creed, save the creed of Brotherhood, based on the one Life. They recognize no authority, save that of their own souls, and no Master save the group they seek to serve, and humanity whom they deeply love. They have no barriers set up around themselves, but are governed by a wide tolerance, and a sane mentality and sense of proportion. (TWM:400)

What members of the NGWS have in common is a strong sense of purpose, of a need that they may be able to fulfill. They serve unstintingly because of the strength of their Soul connection and not from any profit motive. Some may be found among the ranks of esotericists, but some may also turn up among reformed trouble-makers who have become aware of their place in the larger whole. Some may be wealthy and can serve as benefactors; others may work with the indigent on the streets. Some work in service organizations; some work in ordinary jobs and spread light and love throughout their working environment. They are of great value to a needy humanity, and they are also indispensable to the Hierarchy because they take care of all the mundane details that the Masters, due to the breadth of their inner responsibilities, cannot.

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