Pearls of Wisdom: Evocative Words

“Evocative words” express values or qualities, emphasized in the Ageless Wisdom, that we may want to bring into our minds and lives. We can use them in meditation, think about them during the day, put them up on some special corner of our home, or simply absorb their beauty. See the bottom of this page for more specific instructions.

In The Technique of Evocative Words, Roberto Assagioli invites us to choose a word that expresses the quality we want to evoke and develop and then put an image of that word where we can bring conscious attention to bear on it while we:

  • Observe the word attentively for a space of one or two minutes and record any associated ideas or images.
  • Reflect on the meaning of the word, and then record the results.
  • Try to feel the psychological quality that the word embodies, letting it permeate into our being to the point of identification with it.
  • Say the word aloud or murmur it.
  • Write the word many times.

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