Support for Intergroup Collaboration



The following comments have been received since the publication of the School for Esoteric Studies’s 2014 Festival of Goodwill talk on Generating Goodwill Between Esoteric Groups:

“We have read with joy your interesting Goodwill Talk and your web pages developing the Intergroup Collaborative Initiative. We have found this material spiritually uplifting and of enormous value to help anchor on Earth the spiritual principles of the Ageless Wisdom and the Hierarchical Plan.” (Group Triangles, Latin America)

“The School’s 2014 Goodwill Talk came in [to the Aquarian Nucleous in Brazil] through our friends at the Bolivian Unit of Service. We consider it of immense value and it finds echo in our group’s highest expectations. Thus, we have taken the liberty of translating it into Portuguese and we ask your permission to advertise it in our mailing list. In the One Work.” (Group Triangles, Latin America)

“As the 2014 Goodwill talk indicates, there’s a sense of exclusivity that is usually the key problem to any intergroup initiative. I started involvement in esoteric groups in the late 1960’s and have seen some progress in a willingness to work together, but it is still very limited. Part of the problem is that each group has discovered some unique understanding that they have found very meaningful. But that insight, no matter how wonderful it may seem, is NOT the full story. The task is for us to realize that we each have a piece of the total. Huston Smith, respected scholar of religions, offers the analogy of a stained glass window. Each piece of glass has a beauty within itself – color, shape, texture, etc. But when you put them together they form a whole picture. If we keep focusing on just our little piece, we miss the big picture. I think the SES suggestion that we ask each group to identify its unique contribution to the Work is an excellent start. Unless we can recognize that each group has something of value to offer, something that is NEEDED to make the picture, there is little willingness to work together. By sharing the valuable contribution that each group makes, we can begin to formulate what the overall vision might be. The more clearly we can grasp the overall vision, the more inspired we will be to cooperate to manifest it. We begin with acknowledging the pride of accomplishment, and ask that it can be a building block to create the broader vision.” (a School member)

“Your [proposal] confirms the unity with the One Work… As esoteric servers we know that the effects will manifest in due time and that we should simply continue with the work …. We have been observing how our service initiatives have a common denominator and imply a similar process for the development of service. We primarily share a way of doing esoteric work whose effect will be to bring about eventual exchanges like this one or others that will be made concrete in direct proportion to the world need. It is evident there is a need to create and strengthen new thought forms… [and to bring] solutions to the world problems, and to this end we are committed. Proposals like yours will serve to strengthen our work and join our wills to assist in the implementation of the Plan on Earth. We take your proposal .. and rise it to the highest levels of which we are able, in deep reflection and meditation, in order to let the inspiration guide us and so meet the need and promote the new and emerging humanity for the age of Aquarius.” (Fundaci?n Lucis, Argentina)

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