“This School is right at the heart of the work of the New Group of World Servers, and when I think of its work of educational uplift for humanity, I have to bless its inspiration, founders, workers and students through the years and all those to come.”
– A student

“When I started training with the SES, I often felt like I was stumbling along in the dark, but what really encouraged me to keep going and to persevere was the continued love, encouragement and non-criticism in the feedback I had from the staff. That kind of love is the love which enables a seed to keep growing, even though there is no light in sight, and for which I am most grateful.”
– Kristen L.

“I felt that the [online introductory] lessons were an excellent beginning to this vast subject. I appreciated that the knowledge was presented in a way that I could immediately apply to my own experiences with the personality and that the lessons expanded to an understanding of the personality in context with the Cosmos. The greatest value for me in this work was the experience of meditation and the guidelines to practice it. It has given me a profound awareness of the divine.”
– Joyce W.

“From the studies I learned to move my attention from an overactive emotional/astral state to either the heart or the mind, and become calmer. I also found Alice Bailey’s book on Glamour very useful, since I had been looking for ways to deal with my over-attention to matters of the astral plane.”
– A student

“Thank you so much. I love what you are doing. I am really ecstatic to begin the course. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will come.’ Thank you. I am looking forward to starting a new path of fulfillment with you.”
– A student

“Thank you very much. Since I started these lessons, I have learned a lot about spiritual energy, human beings and much more. I am very thankful and want to continue to learn more and more.”
– A student

“Your work saved hundreds of souls. I used/copied and pasted and sent many people to your website so they can learn your knowledge. Thank you and God Bless!!!!”
– Jonathan R.

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