Deep in each one of us there is an inner pull towards some higher form of life. An underlying but insistent urge prompts us to look towards something greater than ourselves—like the flower which innately turns to the sun—and seek for more than we already encompass. This inner impelling force may not always be recognized, but in most of us it results in some form of more enlightened living, whether inner spiritual belief or outer practical service.

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Have you ever noticed the common themes running through various religious and spiritual traditions, such as Goodwill, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Harmlessness? The framework that holds these common threads together is known as the Ageless Wisdom.

The goal of training in the Ageless Wisdom, or esoteric studies, is a practical understanding of the nature of the Cosmos, the Self or Soul, the Soul’s relation to the little self or personality, and the process of integrating and fusing the Soul and the personality using well-defined and proven techniques. This fusion enables us to acquire direct knowledge of the spiritual worlds and how we can contribute to the evolution of consciousness – both human and planetary – rather than functioning by faith alone. Esotericism is a practical science, useful not only in daily life, but also in world affairs, as it reveals the workings behind current events.

The School for Esoteric Studies is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides in-depth training in the Ageless Wisdom teachings by correspondence with spiritual seekers around the world, regardless of their current religious or spiritual tradition. The sequence of training offered by the School for Esoteric Studies has been developed, tested, and revised over a period of sixty years and includes structured meditation, study, the preparation of papers, and practical application through service.

While the School only provides course material and commentary in English, Spanish, and Italian at this time, we welcome colleagues on the Path from other linguistic communities.

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