Subjective Group Conference

Each year, during the period of the full moon festivals known as the Three Linked Festivals (the Easter Festival at the Aries full moon, the Wesak Festival at the Taurus full moon, the Festival of Goodwill at the Gemini full moon), the School for Esoteric Studies holds its Subjective Group Conference. A topic is selected for the Conference, and a set of study material plus a meditation outline is distributed to all participants prior to the Easter Festival. Beginning two days before the Easter Festival and ending two days after the Festival of Goodwill, all participants join in unified study and meditation focused on some aspect of the Plan in order to aid in its precipitation on Earth.


The Subjective Group Conference is open to members of the esoteric community, whether or not they are students with the School. If you wish to participate and are not a current School student, please register your desire to join us in this group work by sending us an email.

Your donation of $20 helps this service spread around the world. The following is a list of Conference topics since 2000:



The Great Release of the Age of Pisces

The New World Religion & The Principle of Essential Divinity

2020 Maturing as a Human Race: The Law of Sacrifice
2019 From Suffering to Joy: The Science of Redemption
2018 The Science of Invocation and Evocation: Our Basis of Relationship
2017 Unity in Diversity: The Science of Right Human Relations
2016 Ashramic Work and Right Speech
2015 Ashramic Work and Harmlessness
2014 Ashramic Work and Self-Forgetfulness
2013 Heart & Mind: Balancing, Integrating and Synthesizing
2012 Solar Angels: Our Essential Nature
2011 A Time of Transition: Opportunities for Disciples
2010 The Seven Rays: Unity in Diversity
2009 Crisis and Opportunity
2008 Duality, Balance, and Synthesis
2007 Cooperation with the Hierarchy in the Working Out of the Plan
2006 The Evolution of Consciousness
2005 The Relationship of the Deva and Human Evolutions
2004 The Call to Synthesis
2003 An Approach to the New World Religion
2002 Spiritualizing the Material: World Renewal in a Time of Transition
2001 The Aquarian Age: The Task Ahead for Disciples
2000 The Work of the Christ and Preparation for the Shamballa Impact 2000

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